Learning Activities

Some of our learning materials:

TitleTarget AgeLanguage(s)Download Link
A different look at a problem

6 - 16+EnglishDownload
City Space My Space

11 - 16+EnglisjhDownload
How Cinderella got her rights?

11 -15Croatian, English, Slovenian, ItalianDownload
A step further in breaking prejudice

6 - 16+EnglishDownload
Colour the world with diversity

6 - 16+EnglishDownload
Together for Inclusive Society

6 - 16+EnglishDownload
Picture manipulation and picture analysis

16+English, GermanDownload 1
Download 2
Café Nemesis: Co-creation lab for social innovation in my neighbourhood

6 - 16+English, FrenchDownload
Co-creation labs about citizenship and environment

11 - 16+English, FrenchDownload
Citizenship through eloquence

16+English, FrenchDownload
Youth Mediterranean Assembly

16+English, FrenchDownload