About Us

CANDIICE is an innovation and research project for citizenship educators across Europe and beyond. We welcome your involvement in developing and sharing creative learning ideas for learners of any age in both formal and informal learning (schools, early years, post – 16, youthwork and adult learning). We are exploring how learning can be made more motivating, inclusive and powerful by including creative, artistic, and experiential encounters in learning programmes.

On this site we hope educators will find:

  • some activities to try with your learners;
  • some ideas, questions and concepts about learning and teaching to develop thinking;
  • an invitation to help test and improve our resources as we develop them, join the discussion about creativity in learning;
  • an invitation to upload your own teaching ideas to share with others and get feedback;
  • guidance for education leaders and innovators;
  • information about our international events

CANDIICE Project is funded by the Erasmus + programme and all our outputs and resources will be free to download!